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Ikon Entertainment  has over 10 years in the industry with  DJ's that know how to read the crowd. We will make your event fun and exciting! Our main objective is to provide you and your guests with music you can dance to and to keep your party  having fun with the dance floor packed all night long at your venue whether it be a bar, club or restaurant ! 

Ikon Entertainments DJ equipment is state of the art and has Club-Quality sound. We also have dance lighting and fog machines if you want them at your venue. 

Our  song collection is up-to-date and we will always have the most current music to dance to. We use a digital sound system for our music which means we will have over 20,000 songs at our finger tips. What does this mean for you? This means we wil be able to play any special song request that your patron's want to hear, which= happy customer= customers stay at your bar longer= more inhouse sales. 

Ikon Entertainment cater's to all music genre's. If you would like a dedicated night to any certain genre of music, we will have the hottest and most poplular music that people will want to hear and dance to. Our music collage includes but not limited to: Dance, Club, Ultra Lounge, Acid Jazz, House Music, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and more. We  will keep any party moving all night long! 

It's free to consult with a member at Ikon Entertainment, feel free to pick our brains and ask us any questions you may have. Tell us what you are thinking about doing at your venue or establishment. Call today to book C~dub or one of our other DJ's. E-mail any questions you may have  and you will receive prompt and complete answers every time. No nonsense and no fuss!  We appreciate your interest and Thankyou for visiting Ikon Entertainment. 

We have special pricing for recoccuring  DJ gigs.

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*If you have a liquor license and your bar is Not filled up with people drinking and enjoying themselves on your basic big money nights... Thursday, Friday and Saturdays you should talk to CW. You are definitley missing out on extra profit potential by not having good entertainment. Call today or e-mail any questions you may have to me and you will receive prompt and complete answers every time. No nonsense and no fuss!